Windows 7 v/s Windows Vista

June 21, 2009

Mininova Fansite

Recently I was searching about what are torrents, and I came across a site called Mininova Fansite. Its a sort of torrent Help blog about seeds, peers, leeches, torrent health, etc. But the most helpful columns I found on it were:- Top torrent Sites , best torrent downloader for Mac , Utorrent and Torrentz .

Just wanted to share it.

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May 19, 2009

Pet Lovers Forum

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Though it may look out of place I would like to share with you all a great site for pet lovers, aptly named PET LOVERS FORUM

January 15, 2009

Windows 7 Reviews and Ratings

Early indications by users who have downloaded Windows 7 have suggested that its a winner all the way. It has really ‘streamlined’ everyday work.

Visual of Windows 7
Its visual appeal is definately good and pleases nearly everyone. Its not too in your face though you would feel that some of the features are taken over from Vista. Overall Rating of users – 8/10

User-friendly Features of Windows 7
After Vista this is the most important thing on everyones mind. But rest assured you will not be disappointed. Its really makes it easy for someone who upgrades from Windows Xp to Windows 7.
Overall Rating of users – 7.5/10

Till now verdict is out that if your system requirements are compatible for windows 7 than upgrade from Vista. Even if you are using Windows Xp than also upgrade to Windows 7.

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January 13, 2009

Windows 7 User Experiences Forum

Windows 7 vs vista

Windows 7 Beta has been released by Microsoft for users to download for free and experience it . This test version of Windows 7 will be available for download till last day of January from Microsoft’s Official Site.

Windows 7 key
On this site you will be asked to sign-up there and will be provided with key. This key will be valid till August 1.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista
After its misadventure with Windows Vista, Microsoft has come out with Windows 7. Windows Vista seriously damaged the image of Microsoft and a computer giant known best for its Operating Systems.
Vista was jinxed from its release, it faced software compatibility problems. Users weren’t impressed with its ‘aero’ experience. It was a bad experience for Windows XP users as they got a complete different OS which made them feel they are newbie.
Start Menu lacked usual appeal, Control Panel was clumsy, the complains go on and on. Its hyped security features were annoying to say the least. Even Microsoft was disappointed with the final product. In words of Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows products at Microsoft,” We got ourselves in a little trouble with Windows Vista; it became a bag of mixed things and didn’t really figure what it was about. There was a lot of feature creep. You had people saying ‘lets change this and that’. Windows 7 has been really disciplined.”
Windows 7 will streamline everyday tasks, cut boot up times extend battery life and make it simple to weave “smart” devices into home networks according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
Number people eager to download this new offering are testimony of failure of Vista. So what do think about this new offering from Software Giant. Will Windows & rise from the ashes of Windows Vista?

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